If You are Scared…You Shouldn’t Be a Police Officer

Scardy Cat!

by: Suh Wilson June 7, 2016

OMG…here we go again, this time it was a white boy. He was just a smart mouthed teenager. I saw the tape it was murder  Read More ... 

In The Name Of The Law 

Don't Kill My Son

by: Suh Wilson       November 29, 2016

No I’m not crazy, despite what my relatives think.  They say I am always looking at the glass half empty.  Well, when Mr. Castile was shot and killed by the police officer my mind flew back to the day  Read More ... 

The Baltimore Of My Youth 

By: Francine Terry  August 3, 2017

My earliest memories date back to 1957 when I was not quite three years old.  My family had moved to a middleclass neighborhood in northeast Baltimore that was in transition.  Black families were moving in and White families were taking flight.  It was a good neighborhood of brick rowhouses with hedge trimmed front lawns and covered porches.  Read More ....


Speaker Ryan revels in the idea of passing GOP policies while ignoring that our nation is engulfed in chaos.  Francine Terry

A Day Of Hope 

East Baltimore

By: Francine Terry & Perry Stevenson  August 21, 2017

Local Politics Matter was proud to participate in the annual East Baltimore Day of Hope on Saturday August 19, 2017  Read More ...   

A Walk in the Park

Finding Yourself

by:  Francine Terry June 7, 2016

My walk in the park is not just a walk in the park.  Spring is upon us and it’s a time when I transition my exercise regimen to the great outdoors  Read More ...  

I Cant Understand It 

Vote the Bums Out!

by: Suh Wilson June 27, 2016

As we continue to vent about equality, I can’t understand why some people continue to walk down the same path of destruction.  Daddy don’t vote, Mama don’t vote, children out of control  Read More ...   

The Best Defense To A Bad Guy With A Gun ... 

Nice Guy Finished Last

by: Suh Wilson October 18 2016

On March 13, 2016 Officer Jacoi Colson was gunned down by friendly fire.  Am I wrong in thinking that he was a good guy with a gun  Read More ...

Open Your Hearts 

They Are Not Invisible

By: F Forty  April 19, 2017

On December 9, 2016 Lawrence Alexander took his last breath just yards away from Baltimore’s iconic City Hall  Read More ....   

Police Officers Honored As Heroes 

When Heroes Are Not Heroic 

By: Suh Wilson   February 10, 2017

Do you know that three of the police officers who indicted in the killing of Freddie grey were honored at a right wing gala  Read More ... 

The Wire 

Live And In Living Color

By: F Forty September 3, 2017

The Wire was an American crime drama series that was set and produced in Baltimore Maryland.  The show ran from June of 2002 to March of 2008 which covered five seasons and 60 episodes.  Read More ...   


(Part 1) 

The Baltimore  

The Glory Years

By: Gary Rodney  December 5, 2017

In this the second of a multipart article we explore the growth and glory years of the Bethlehem Steel facilities at Sparrow Point, Maryland and the positive impact that the steel mill had on Baltimore, the city of our youth.  Baltimore’s fortunes were tied to its manufacturing base and like many other cities, the politicians failed to see the changes on the horizon for manufacturing and therefore didn’t make the changes necessary to ensure continued employment for its citizens.  Baltimore is one of the most historic cities in America.  Read More ....

 About Town


Maryland Congression Black Caucas 


Bowie State University Commencement

Keynote Speaker Mark Morial 


Local Politics Matter

My Vote Won't Make a Difference - Really !!!

by:  F Forty June 7, 2016

Who has Donald Trump offended today?  What will Bernie Sanders promise us tomorrow?  Yes we are right in the middle of another high velocity national election  Read More ...

Martin Luther King Day Celebration 


Musical Chairs 

It's Not Always Child's Play

By: F Forty February 22, 2017

The names listed below are those of Baltimore City Police Commissioners since 2000. In January 2018 Commissioner Kevin Davis was fired and replaced by Darryl DeSousa. Read More ...   

Southern Baptist Event 


Where are our Black Men 

Lost Souls

by: F Forty August 7, 2016

My wife once asked me where all of the Black men living in Baltimore City could be found.   I grew up in East Baltimore but it has been roughly 30 years since I last lived in the City  Read More ...