The Numbers Say It All

By Francine Terry         January 24, 2017

I had the pleasure of participating in the January 21, 2017 Woman’s March.  It felt good to get out and speak with people who are motivated to get our government back on track.  And come out they did, not just in this country, but around the world. They heard the call to action and responded.  It was one of the biggest inaugural protests in the history of this country.. There were people every where, as far as I could see. The people that I spoke with were clear eyed and resolute. They were honest, none of the BS propaganda that’s flooding our air ways.  While they were disappointed in the outcome of the election, and believe that many processes such as voter suppression, voter purges, Russian interference, FBI interference, media malpractice, and misogyny were abused and misused they refuse to give in to anger.  They’ve seen too much of that from the other side.  

The question of the day was “tell me what democracy look like”.  The protestors’ joyous response was “this is what democracy looks like”.   It was a coming together of people from all over the country without regard to race, age, gender and creed for a single purpose.  They came together to send a resounding message to all of those politicians who think it’s going to be business as usual. Trump and the GOP helped people to find their voice, he motivated them to get up off of their couches and they are saying, no more.  We trusted you with the levers of power and you have used and abused it.  Now we are taking the power back.  Watch out, this is just the beginning!  Pictures from the march…