Coming of Age

Life’s Lesson

 By: Francine Terry June 7, 2016

“Say it Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud” was recorded in 1968 and released in 1969.  For me, that refrain was a coming of age.  I took that refrain, shouted so freely by James Brown, to heart  Read More ...  

Criminal Interpretation

Who’s the Criminal?

 By: Marcella Tyler June 7, 2016

I saw a picture of 16 black female cadets, fists raised up.  I didn’t think much of the picture other than it was nice to see that portrayal of young black females  Read More ...  

You Can't Have it Both Ways

The Conservative's Elephant in the Room

 By: Francine Terry June 7, 2016

Donald Trump's so called "miss speak" in his interview with Chris Matthews exposed the fatal flaw in the Pro Life  public argument  Read More ...  

The Real Power of Black Hip-Hop and Rap Music

How Cuba Was Opened Up to Diplomatic Entreaties and Raprochement

 By: Gary Rodney June 15, 2016

The Cuban youth movement and their love Read More ...    

To Be Young Gifted And Black

A Timeless Anthem for our Youth

 By: F Forty July 5, 2016

When I was a young pre-teen there was a beautiful song that has stuck with me through the decades Read More ... 

The NRA Response to Shootings of Black American Gun Owners

Hypocritical or Just Plain Racism

 By: Gary Rodney August 23, 2016

Videos capturing both shootings have led most who see them to believe that the men were innocent. Guns are legal in every state in America  Read More ...

The Good Book

Souls For Sale

 By: F Forty  September 27, 2016

I am an African American male who was raised in the Catholic faith by a loving Grandmother who insisted that all of her grandchildren stay active in the church  Read More ....  

The Case For Reparations

The Time Is Now

 By: T Nicole T         October 25, 2016

The argument over reparations will always be ignored. Just as a debtor ignores the phone calls from creditors America ignores the cries of African Americans  Read More ...  

Not Surprised

But Shocked

 By: F Forty December 14, 2016

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone we are left to face the reality of the 2016 Presidential Election  Read More ....  

How the Mighty Have Fallen

How Low Will They Go

 By: Francine Terry         January 10, 2017

Americans are less than 2 weeks from inaugurating one of the least prepared individuals in the history of the country to be the President of the United States  Read More Read More ...  

Read More ....

Life After Rodney King  Can't We All Just Get Along!

by: F Forty July 7, 2016

March 31, 1991. To most of us that date is meaningless but in reality it is a date that gave us an eerie look into our future. It was on this date that a non-descript taxi driver from Los Angeles was viciously beaten by members of the Los Angeles police department  Read More ...  

Fox News Caters To White People 

What About the Rest of Us

By: Suh Wilson  March 28, 2017

Let’s face it, I am not a fan of Fox News  Read More ...  

The Lessons From Our Forbearers

Surviving The Hard Times

By: F Forty  March 21, 2017

November 8, 2016 is a day that we may never forget in this country  Read More ...  

What Happens to America if Donald Trump is Elected President?

Set Ablaze or Wounds Healed

 By: Gary Rodney July 27, 2016

Donald J Trump has been called many things during his campaign for the presidency  Read More ... 

It's not a surprise when President Trump tells a lie, It's a surprise when he tells the truth. - Francine Terry

Is This Really The National Football League (NFL)?

The Demise of a Wonderful Game

 By: F Forty June 7, 2016

As an avid sports fan and particularly a football fan I am writing this post with a heavy heart Read More ...   

Contact High

Legalizing Marijuana

By: Suh Wilson  October 31, 2017

I must be getting old.  This law that makes marijuana a misdemeanor has really gotten the best of me.   Read More ...