Michelle Alexander You Don't Know Hillary Clinton

Do You Know Bernie Sanders - I Do

By:  Gary Rodney June 7, 2016

Ms. Alexander, I have read with dismay your article denigrating Hillary Clinton and lavishing praise on Bernie Sanders  Read More ... 

Millennials Against Hillary...Please

Got To Have It Now

 By: Suh Wilson June 7, 2016

All I hear are the pundits saying that Hillary does not connect with young female voters…Hillary does not connect with young voters…Hillary needs to get a clear message out to Millennials  Read More ...

The Real Revolution

Vote for the Woman

 By: F Forty June 7, 2016

America is an interesting Country.   All of us are familiar with the phrase “Only in America”.  That is so appropriate right now.  Only in America could a revolution be led by a 74 year old Caucasian Senator from Vermont  Read More ...

Coming Of Age

Life’s Lessons

 By: Francine Terry June 7, 2016


I Can't Understand It

Vote the Bums Out

 By: Suh Wilson June 27, 2016

Black Votes Matter

All Votes Matter

 By: Gary Rodney July 112016

We have learned after the “BREXIT” (Britain’s exit from the European Union) vote in the United Kingdom that you can never take any election for granted.  The polls in England had “Stay In the EU up over “Leave the EU” by (4) points  Read More ...  

The Democratic Party Belongs to the Democrats

Get Your Own Party Senator Sanders

 By: Francine Terry June 17, 2016

It’s basic.  It’s a simple truth that has held since the beginning of time  Read More ...  

 They're Full of Malarkey 

We're Not Taking It Anymore

By: Francine Terry   August 23, 2016

Where has the Republican Party been for the past 5 years?  To hear them tell it, they’ve simply been spectators, watching President Obama and the Democratic Congress advance their agenda Read More ....  

 By: Marcella Tyler July 19, 201

 A Tale of Two Parties

Hope Versus Doom

By: Suh Wilson   August 22, 2016

Well, now that the Democratic and Republican conventions are over, we have taken our places in our designated corners. The race is on! I was totally not feeling the Republican convention  Read More ... 

 What Happens to America if Donald Trump is Elected?

Set Ablaze or Wounds Healed

By: Gary Rodney July 27, 2016

Donald J Trump has been called many things during his campaign for the presidency: amoral, xenophobe, sexist, nativist, narcissist, liar, and philanderer  Read More ...  

 By: Marcella Tyler July 19, 2016

 Make Political History 

Don't Be Fooled

By: Francine Terry   August 30, 2016

We the people of the United States of America have the opportunity to make history again.  This time we have the opportunity to elect the most qualified individual to ever seek the office of president of the United States  Read More ...    

 The Media v Clinton 

Journalist or Provocateurs

By: Francine Terry   September 13, 2016

The public depends on the press to present the facts (journalistic truth), but of late, they’re getting more opinion than fact. The Commander and Chief Forum provided the press with the opportunity to question the Presidential Candidates about their foreign policy expertise  read More ...   

 White Male Privilege to the Highest Order 

Sure Christopher Columbus Really Did Discover America

By: F Forty   September 13, 2016

As strange as this may sound the Donald Trump candidacy has brought some benefits to our Country Read More ... 

Chuck Todd 

Be Fair

By: Suh Wilson   September 13, 2016

I could write about any number of cable news programs and their overtly biased reporting, but for the sake of this article and brevity, I focused my attention on Chuck Todd.  It’s obvious to me that Chuck Todd is not a Hillary Clinton fan  Read More...  

 Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street 

They Should Unite

By: Suh Wilson   October 04, 2016

I think Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street should unite. Many are calling for the ground swell of people to take the country from special interest groups, corporations and the like  Read More ...    

 Look In The Mirror...

What Do You See

By: Suh Wilson   October 11, 2016

As I listen to the Republicans chastise the state of Black America they bring up the usual topics. Black on black crime, gun violence in the community, gang violence in the community and the lists goes on and on  Read More ...  

 Black Lives Matter Too 

They Always Have

By: Francine Terry   September 27, 2016

Here we go again another day same old story, a deadly encounter between a Black American citizen and the police.  Was the deceased armed or unarmed?  Read More ...  

 I'm Still Stuck 

I Can't Understand Their Motives

By: Suh Wilson   January 10, 2017

I knew there was discontent in America, but never did I imagine that it was at the level of pure hate. I remember when President Obama was elected.  Read More ...    

 The Case For Reparations 

The Time Is Now

By: T Nicole T   October 25, 2016

 The Women's March On Washington 2017 

The Pictures Say It All

By: Francine Terry   January 24, 2017

I had the pleasure of participating in the January 21, 2017 Woman’s March.  Pictures from the march…

Is This Really The National Football League (NFL)?

The Demise of a Wonderful Game

 By: F Forty June 7, 2016

 Trump - Make America Great Again 

I Think Not

By: F Forty   August 30, 2016

In February of 2008 Michelle Obama said that "For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country because it feels like hope is making a comeback…not because Barack is doing well, but because I think people are hungry for change"  Read More ...  

 By: Marcella Tyler July 19, 201

 Can A Trump Presidency Deliver For America 

Just Pipe Dreams

By: Gary Rodney   October 11, 2016

Donald Trump has received very little attention for his proposals on how he would manage the Federal Government.  He has stated that he would run the federal Government like a great business  Read More ...    

 The Trump Effect 

And The Clinton Antidote

By: Francine T erry      November 1, 2016

I began following politics in the early 70’s during the Watergate Hearings.  In the forty plus years that followed I became quite the political junkie. Needless to say I was excited by the prospects of the 2016 presidential campaign until Donald Trump entered the race  Read More ...  

 Where Do We Go From Here 

Back To The Drawing Board

By: Francine Terry   November 15, 2016

The presidential election from hell is finally over.  I thought I’d feel a sense of relief, but what in my opinion is the worse possible outcome has left me with such a profound sadness Read More ...


 He Already Had His Second Chance 

He Blew It

By: F Forty   February 28, 2017

As we have seen through our history there are certain members of the African American community who will do anything for the opportunity to make a dollar.  The most horrific example of this is the transatlantic slave trade. Read More ...  

 How the Mighty Have Fallen 

How Low Will They Go

By: Francine Terry   January 10, 2017

Americans are less than 2 weeks from inaugurating one of the least prepared individuals in the history of the country to be the President of the United States.  Read More ... 

 What Has Happened to MSNBC 

Just the Facts - Nothing But the Facts

By: Francine Terry   October 03, 2016

I have to admit, I’m a political junky.  I view cable news, listen to satellite radio and surf the internet on a daily basis to make sure that I am informed about current events  Read More ...  

 Dear Republican Party

The Demographics Have Changed

By: Francine Terry   August 15, 2016

Dear Republican Party you are in denial about the changing demographics in our country.  The country is no longer 80% white and will never be so again.  Just read “The State of Change”, a report published by American Progress  Read More ...  

 By: Marcella Tyler July 19, 201

America's Broken Electoral Process 

Voting Rights For All Citizens

By: Francine Terry  April 6, 2017

Activists often opine about low voter participation in this country, but fail to recognize the link between today’s voting problems and the Country’s long ugly legacy of voter suppression that is woven into the fabric of our Constitution. Read More ...  

 The GOP Legacy To America 

No Longer The Party of Lincoln

By: Francine Terry  March 15, 2017


 Who's Fooling Whom 

The Inmates are Running the Asylum

By: Francine Terry   September 6, 2016

Why do the Republican elites lie to their base, and why does the base accept this behavior.  It’s a proven fact that in other circumstances, the Republican base, like the rest of the masses, frowns upon lies  Read More ...  

 The NRA Response to Shootings of Black American Gun Owners 

Hypocritical or Just Plain Racist

By: Gary Rodney   August 23, 2016


 By: Marcella Tyler July 19, 201

  A Spade is a Spade

Let's Call Donald Trump What He Is

By: Francine Terry July 21, 2016

I have watched in stunned amazement as one Republican Politician after another falls in line in support of Donald Trump. These are the same politicians who for years have gone on and on about patriotism, principles, morals and ethics  Read More ...  

What Makes a Teflon Candidate?

How Does Donald Trump Get Away With It?

 By: Gary Rodney June 7, 2016

People take in information through the prism of their thought processes. No matter what a candidate says they see what they want to see  Read More ...

A Walk in the Park

Finding Yourself

 By: Francine Terry June 7, 2016

 May the Work They've Done....

Reporting for Duty... or Not

By: Francine Terry   August 1, 2016

It’s election time again and the presidential candidates are out and about, espousing the reasons why they are best suited to be the president of the United States  Read More ... 

 America the Beautiful 

What Will We Become Post Obama

By: F Forty   January 17, 2017

Let me start by thanking “Our” President for serving with grace, dignity and an unwavering passion for service.  Let me also thank his family for being such a wonderful First Family and the picture of what family values really mean.  Read More ...

 Where The American Electorate Went Wrong 

How They Can Fix It

By: Francine Terry   February 19, 20

Once the GOP realized that they no longer had the numbers to win national elections they went to work Read More ...

 Police Officers Honored As Heroes 

When Heroes Are Not Heroic

By: Suh Wilson   February 10, 2017

Pride or Prejudice 

Repealing Obamacare

By: F Forty  August 21, 2017

Beginning in 2011 when they assumed control of the House of Representatives the Republican Party has voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) over 50 times.   For dramatic purposes, we will refer to the ACA as Obamacare throughout the remainder of this article.  Read More ...   

 The New Police State 

Read it and Weep

By: F Forty   February 2, 2017

One of the first actions that the new President of the United States took was to remove certain informational pages from the White House website www.whitehouse.govRead More ...    

 Not Surprised 

But Shocked

By: F Forty  December 14, 2016

 The Wire 

Live And In Living Color

By: F Forty   September 3, 2017

 The Lessons From Our Forbearers

Surviving The Hard Times

By: F Forty  March 21, 2017


Fox News Caters To White People 

What About the Rest of Us

By: Suh Wilson  March 28, 2017

 Seven Twenty-Five An Hour 

It's Just Not Enough

By: Suh Wilson   September 20, 2016

I wouldn’t mind working for $7.25 if my rent were $125, my phone bill were $15, and my electric bill was S25.  Well since this is not the reality then 15 bucks an hour is realistic  Read More ...   

 Where Have All Of The Good Journalist Gone 

News Is No Longer News

By: Gary Rodney   September 20, 2016

I have sat day after day for almost 18 months waiting for a real journalist to show up on my television screen.  Even print journalism has gone down this suicidal path  Read More ... 

 The Good Book 

Souls For Sale

By: F Forty   September 27, 2016


The Real Power of Black Hip-Hop and Rap Music

How Cuba Was Opened Up to Diplomatic Enteaties for Raprochement

 By: Gary Rodney June 15, 2016

To Be Young Gifted And Black

A Timeless Anthem for our Youth

 By: F Forty July 5, 2016

If You Are Scared...You Shouldn't be a Police Officer

Scardy Cat

 By: Suh Wilson June 7, 2016

Local Polictics Matter

My Vote Won't Make a Difference - Really!!!

by: F Forty June 7, 2016


Good or Bad They Kill

By: Marcella Tyler July 19, 2016

I don't own a gun or come from a family where we find them necessary. I was born and raised in Baltimore, MD at one time the murder capital of America  Read More ....  

 By: Marcella Tyler July 19, 2016

 Where are our Black Men

Lost Souls

By: F Forty   August 7, 2016


 By: Marcella Tyler July 19, 201

What is the GOP teaching our children regarding honesty, empathy, morality and patriotism? - Francine Terry

The GOP, the party of family values promotes policies that cut funding for healthcare, education, urban development, SNAP and the endowmwnt for the arts all while promoting tax cuts for the 1%.  Francine Terry

Linking White male priviledge to sexual assault cannot be avoided & must be addressed by the country's evangelical leaders today not tomorrow. Gary Rodney

Criminal Interpretation

Whose the Criminal?

 By: Marcella Tyler June 7, 2016

Donald The Terrible 

The American People Deserve Better

By: Francine Terry  September 3, 2017

Trump is at it again. Hardly a day goes by when he doesn’t insult, bully or terrorize one minority group or another. Blacks, Latinas, LGBTQ, Muslims you name one that he hasn’t targeted all the while, pretending that he cares about people. Read More ...      

A Day Of Hope 

East Baltimore

By: Francine Terry   August 21, 2017

Open Your Hearts 

They Are Not Invisible

By: F Forty  April 19, 2017


 The Best Defense To A Bad Guy With A Gun ... 

Nice Guy Finished Last

By: Suh Wilson   October 18, 2016


You Can't Have It Both Ways

The Conservative's Elephant in the Room

 By: Francine Terry June 7, 2016

 In The Name Of The Law 

Don't Kill My Son

By: Suh Wilson   November 29, 2016

Democrats - Rally Your Base 

Republicans Will Not Vote For You

By: Francine Terry  August 28, 2017

I’ve heard about as much as I care to hear from the political pundits and the media regarding the failures of the Democratic Party. Let’s be clear, the democrats seem to be rudderless right now, responding to voices from every direction while failing to listen to their own. Read More ...      


Get In Line And Get Yours

By: Suh Wilson   February 24, 2017

It always amazes me when I hear about how much money the federal government spends on everything except the poor.  They budget millions of dollars for the poor but if you divide that amongst the people in need, it’s no more than crumbs. Read More...    

American Exceptionalism 

Fact or Fiction

By: F Forty October 10, 2017

In February of 2015 former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal uttered the following words “There’s a greater problem here. This is a president who won’t proudly proclaim American exceptionalism, maybe the first president ever who truly doesn’t believe in that.   Read More ...  

52 Plus 2 

The Search for a Few Good Men and Women

By: Suh Wilson  September 11, 2017

Fifty-two plus two, that’s the number of republican men and women in the Senate, plus the President and Vice President. These men and women hold the fate of millions of Americans in their hands. Read More ...      

A One Term President 

Wishing and Hoping

By: Suh Wilson October 03, 2017

The news concerning the hate crimes committed by the Alt-Right in Charlottesville, Virginia, was not shocking.  The hot button topic of race has been sizzling since the election of President Obama.  Read More ...  Read More ...      

Who Are You Going To Believe?

Your Lying Eyes

 By: F Forty June 7, 2016

I have to admit that I never thought that I would get anything good out of watching our current class of Republicans do what I call simulate a debate  Read More ... 

 The Public Humiliation of Hillary Clinton 


By: Suh Wilson   January 17, 2017

Now that the election is over I find it extremely hard to get excited about the Trump administration. Am I alone?  Read More ...  

Contact High

Legalizing Marijuana

By: Suh Wilson  October 31, 2017

The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost 

They Always Do

By: F Forty  September 25, 2017

"The chickens have come home to roost" was first used by Brother Malcolm (Malcolm X) after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  This quote was met with gasps and a backlash of hateful rhetoric.   Read More ...      

Looking In The Mirror

Fearing What You See

By: F Forty October 24, 2017

In looking at the state of our nation in 2017 one has to wonder how we got to this point.  How did we get to a point where we can’t have a civil discussion about politics? How in 2017 are we in a place where we are forced to continue to debate the deadly shootings of unarmed black men,    Read More ...  

Sing Another Song 

I'm Not Feeling This One

By: Suh Wilson  August 21, 2017

These past few weeks of the Trump administration have been such a disappointment.  I was always taught that the three branches of government worked in unison to determine what is best for our country. Read More ...      

Guns In America

Enough Already

By: Francine Terry October 17, 2017

This is a sore topic for me.  One that just gets my blood boiling.  I am fortunate in that I have no personal experience with gun violence, but I saw the effects of it first hand when I worked in an inner-city hospital.  I didn’t know the victims, but I saw the toll that guns in the hands of the wrong person took on the victims,   Read More ...  

Are We Really A Democracy 

What Do You Think

By: F Forty December 14, 2017

The term democracy comes from the Greek language and means "rule by the (simple) people".In the United States we often hear about rogue or third world Governments in other countries where the Governments are super rich while the citizens are what we call dirt poor.  Read More ...  


The Glory Days

By: Gary Rodney   Deceember 5, 2017

Lies Matter

And the Truth Will Set You Free

By: Suh Wilson November 07, 2017

Well here we go again.  Another powerful white man, General Kelly devaluing a woman. It’s no doubt in my mind that General Kelly has a superior attitude and demeanor that was on full display against Rep. Frederica Wilson.  Read More ...  

The People's Choice

Wasn't Donald Trump

By: Francine Terry November 14, 2017

There are many unanswered questions about the 2016 presidential election, but one thing is clear, Donald Trump did not win the popular vote.  He lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by close to 2.9 million votes.   So why do the political pundits, the GOP and the media constantly assert that the American people chose Donald Trump to be their commander and chief?   Read More ...  

What Does The Republican Party Stand For

Do They Even Know?

By: Francine Terry December 29, 2017

What does the republican party stand for?  I believed them to be greedy, unpatriotic hypocrites, but they claimed to be something different, somehow superior to the rest of us.  Regardless of their claims, I’ve always known them to be disingenuous.  Read More ...  

Open Letter To Black Men

It's Decision Time

By: F Forty January 10, 2018

It is the day after Doug Jones and his team pulled off a historic win in the very red state of Alabama and all I can think of is the plight of the “Black Male”.  While this certainly was a referendum on predatory behavior it also was a referendum on being Black in America in 2017.  Read More ...  

We The People

Will Take Our Country Back

By: Francine Terry January 17, 2018

I participated in the 2017 Women’s March following the election of Donald Trump.  In my sixty plus years on this earth, this was the first time that I felt compelled to take to the streets. I was angry and frustrated, believing that the wrong person had been elected and feeling certain that our republic would never be the same.  Read More ...  

Out With The Old

In With The New

By: Francine Terry January 25, 2018

Donald Trump must go.  Each day that he is the president of the United States, we the people of this country and the country its self, suffer humiliation, shame and trauma.  Each day, our country becomes less great, and less safe.  Our democratic institutions become less democratic and America becomes less exceptional.  Read More ...  

2018 Women's March

War Memorial Baltimore, MD

By: Suh Wilson January 30, 2018

Last year I went to DC to participate in the Women's March.  This year I decided to attend the home town march at the War Memorial in Baltimore. I brought my grandchildren along so that they could know what democracy looks like.  What a treat for all of us.     More  Pictures...  

Donald Trump

Racist of Not

By: F Forty January 30, 2018

When the current President of the United States is asked if he is a racist he comes back with the following canned response “I am the least Racist person that you have ever interviewed”. Let’s ignore the fact that the response does not make any sense at all.  If you break down the actual response it is pure lunacy but again let’s ignore that.   Read More ...  

The Democrats Don't Kow How To Fight

Learn How to Win

By: Francine Terry February 7, 2018

Now that the government shutdown is over, it’s time to evaluate the outcome.  In my opinion, given what appears to have been a lack of preparation by the democrats, they’re fortunate to have come out of the shutdown relatively unscathed.    Read More ...  

We're Growing Backwards

Will We Ever Get It Right

By: Suh Wilson February 14, 2018

NIt’s been 50 years since the inception of the Voting Rights Act, Martin Luther King, Jr assassination, and the March on the Edmund Pettus Bridge. These milestones in history were thought to be the beginning of a new era of equality, fairness in education, good paying jobs and the lists goes on.     Read More ...